Color Cabinet Bookshelf - Howto

Color Cabinet Bookshelf - Howto



1.Insert the 6 faces special key to your screwdriver.

In case of emergency (lost special key or screws are not responding to special key due to lock in material) this key can be replaced with h6 bit or t25 bit; best as a hex key / imbus key / Allen wrench).

2.Place something soft on the floor and place on it the bottom part of the bookshelf. The bottom part is the one that has carved grooves for the backs but not all the way out.

3.If you are assembling the big body parts, please have in mind that there are higher shelves on the top. The long grooves for the backs should be placed on the same side that they are marked on the bottom part of the bookshelf.

4.Mount the bookshelf top.

5.Insert shelves but not all the way back. We just need shelves to push the sides apart so there will be more room for inserting backs.

6.Insert backs from the top using specially carved grooves. You can order them in any way you want but please remember that the bigger backs should be slide as the last.

7.Push the shelves all the way back.