Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand
  • Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand

Music Studio Custom Size Monitor Stand


A versatile monitor riser - desk shelf - monitor stand - fit for your desk and your needs.

Length: 60cm
Color: Natural Plywood

Hand carved and made from sturdy plywood, our monitor stand elevates the computer screen & helps to reduce eyestrain and improve posture. This simple and versatile shelf turns out to be a perfect way to not only increase productivity during your home office, but also create a stunning look along with your desk accessories. Skleia monitor riser also vastly improves the space available on the desk for essential office accessories and necessary tools such as keyboard, books, papers & other. Reduce the clutter and enjoy a more organized work station with this amazing custom size plywood monitor stand - you'll never want to work without it, trust us! ;)


- Get your home office area tidy and organized!

- Boost your working performance by having the correct body position.

- Healthy sitting position with less eye, neck and shoulder strain.

- Gives you more storage space on your desk. After work you can put the keyboard under it.

- Can carry up to two monitors and two speakers, which turns a simple desk into a real, multi-leveled working space.

- Helps with cable management – no more plugs and cables tangled and lying everywhere.

- Perfectly customized and personalized for your needs, as you wished. Contact us if you would like to have advice before ordering custom size.

- Handmade from solid 0.7inch / 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood.

This custom size plywood monitor stand is perfect for:

- corporate office workers,

- home office workers,

- students,

- music studio musicians,

- bedroom musicians :),

- graphic designers,

- photographers,

- freelance copywriters,

- social media managers,

- lawyers and accountants (they love brown stain finishing!),

- absolutely EVERYONE! 

This is also a great idea for both a practical and a beautiful gift :)


Length given is one on the top. If you would like to check what dimensions ( the base and space underneath the shelf) will your size have - please contact me and I will prepare a visual for you.

Sizes above the length of 140cm go with extra middle leg/ extra divider for optional support.

Buying a chosen size based on length you will have your monitor size as listed below:

Length x Depth x Height

24x10x6 inch / 60x25x15 cm

26x10x6 inch / 65x25x15 cm

28x10x6 inch / 70x25x15 cm

30x10x6 inch / 75x25x15 cm

31x10x6 inch / 80x25x15 cm

33x10x6 inch / 85x25x15 cm

35x10x6 inch / 90x25x15 cm

37x10x6 inch / 95x25x15 cm

39x10x6 inch / 100x25x15 cm

41x10x6 inch / 105x25x15 cm

43x10x6 inch / 110x25x15 cm

45x10x6 inch / 115x25x15 cm

47x12x7 inch / 120x30x18 cm

49x12x7 inch / 125x30x18 cm

51x12x7 inch / 130x30x18 cm

53x12x7 inch / 135x30x18 cm

55x12x7 inch / 140x30x18 cm

57x12x7 inch / 145x30x18 cm

59x12x7 inch / 150x30x18 cm

67x12x7 inch / 170x30x18 cm

75x12x7 inch / 190x30x18 cm


Absolutely no problem! This design is available for customization: the shelf can be easily and quickly resized and still will keep its proportions and shape. 

If the requested dimensions of the stand are similar to one of the standard sizes offered - please choose the size that is closest to yours and add a note with your dimensions in the comment section when placing an order. 

Please message me if you’re unsure what to do or want to ask for additional customization; I will do my best to help - I reply within a few hours max and I am at your service! :)


Sanded plywood - "nude" and silky smooth, you'll want to stroke your bookshelf all day! Best budget option, you can finish it yourself at home if you wish.

Oiled plywood (natural oil) - we use the German OSMO brand which is a smart combination of carnauba oil and wax, it is also completely safe to use. Makes plywood water and stain-proof, brings out the grain of the wood, and leaves it with a warm shade. (our recommendation!)

Clear varnish - a transparent coat to keep the plywood water and stain proof. Plywood looks raw, we use natural looking matte varnish.

Waxoils - Natural Palette - as with natural oil, this one is tinted with brown pigment. We can make it in the shade of milk/ dark chocolate and shades of oak. The patterns that are brought out of the birch plywood grain by this finish option are amazing and one of a kind!

Primary + EXTRA Colors Waxoils - A wide pallete of shades you can choose from. The colors are vivid, the plywood grain is visible and the surface is protected from stains and humidity.

Custom colors – contact us, we are open to new ideas and love challenges!

Interested in different colors or finishes? Send me a message.


Solid & sturdy,  0.7inch / 18mm baltic birch plywood.


Please note that you are buying a monitor stand, not the whole desk. However if you are looking for a special, well designed, custom size desk - please search for skleia Mono Desk, it is available in my shop.

For more information about processing time: please see FAQ

Any questions regarding size, customization or finishing? I'm here to help! Messege me!

Please be aware that if you are buying from outside the European Union - i.e. USA, Australia, UK etc. - customs & import duty may apply that are additional to the price shown here. I am not responsible for the duty charges.

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18mm baltic birch plywood

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