JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style
  • JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style

JAPANA Monitor Stand Japandi Style


A simple desk shelf in the japanese style.

Length: 60cm
Color: Natural Plywood

Please welcome our new product - JAPANA Monitor Stand

Just 5 parts, easy to assemble using no tools - it’s plywood origami!

Hand carved and made from sturdy plywood, this monitor stand is the best way to reduce eyestrain and improve posture. This ergonomic stand is the perfect way to not only increase productivity during your home office but also create a stunning look in your desk accessories. Our monitor riser also vastly improves the space available on the desk for important documents. Reduce the clutter and enjoy a more organized work station with this amazing desk monitor stand.

The double support hidden under the top desk makes it super durable, you can even sit on it.


24x10x6 inch / 60x25x15 cm

26x10x6 inch / 65x25x15 cm

28x10x6 inch / 70x25x15 cm

30x10x6 inch / 75x25x15 cm

31x10x6 inch / 80x25x15 cm

33x10x6 inch / 85x25x15 cm

35x10x6 inch / 90x25x15 cm

37x10x6 inch / 95x25x15 cm

39x10x6 inch / 100x25x15 cm

41x10x6 inch / 105x25x15 cm

43x10x6 inch / 110x25x15 cm

45x10x6 inch / 115x25x15 cm

47x12x7 inch / 120x30x18 cm

49x12x7 inch / 125x30x18 cm

51x12x7 inch / 130x30x18 cm

53x12x7 inch / 135x30x18 cm

55x12x7 inch / 140x30x18 cm

57x12x7 inch / 145x30x18 cm

59x12x7 inch / 150x30x18 cm

67x12x7 inch / 170x30x18 cm

75x12x7 inch / 190x30x18 cm


This product is a design available for customization: product can be easily and quickly resized and still will keep it's proportions and good looks. Please message me for additional customization; I will do my best to assist you!


Good looking, sturdy 15mm baltic birch plywood.


Hand sanded plywood - "nude" and silky smooth, you'll want to stroke your stand all day! Please take a note that this option doesn't secure your stand from water and stains - it is perfect if you want to stain or varnish it on your own.

Natural waxoil - we use German OSMO brand. Makes plywood water and stain proof, brings out the structure of the wood and leaves it with a warm shade & silky smooth+ it shimmers in light!

Clear varnish - a transparent coat to keep the plywood water and stain proof.

Brown stain waxoil - as with natural waxoil plus brown color. We can make it in the shade of milk/ dark chocolate. The patterns that are brought out of the plywood structures by this finish option are amazing and one of a kind!

Custom colors – contact us, we are open to new ideas and love challenges! 

Interested in different color or finishing? Contact us on [email protected], we would be happy to assist you!


Please note that you are buying a monitor stand, not the whole desk. However if you are looking for a special, well designed, custom size desk - please search for skleia Mono Desk.


Data sheet

15mm baltic birch plywood
Production time
2-3 weeks

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