1x2 (2 modules) Grid Bookshelf
  • 1x2 (2 modules) Grid Bookshelf
  • 1x2 (2 modules) Grid Bookshelf
  • 1x2 (2 modules) Grid Bookshelf
  • 1x2 (2 modules) Grid Bookshelf

1x2 (2 modules) Grid Bookshelf


Modular Plywood Bookshelf - 1x2 33cm/13” 46x80,5x33cm 18”x31.7”x13”

Color: Natural Plywood

Product size:

1x2 33cm/13” 46x80,5x33cm 18”x31.7”x13”

Every bookshelf is crafted to accompany you for years as they are solid pieces of furniture. Made from sturdy 15mm baltic birch plywood will carry heavy stuff and stay in shape. Select desired length, height, depth based on modular unit 33cm/13”.

Choose a finish out of a variety of options we offer. Get a perfect fit for your precious collection of vinyls, CD/DVD, books, albums, board games, game cartridges, VHS, Montessori kid storage – whatever you think of! The units are compatibile with Kallax accessories. Check out our full offer and other sizes!



1x1 33cm/13” 46x46x33cm 18”x18”x13”

1x2 33cm/13” 46x80,5x33cm 18”x31.7”x13”

1x3 33cm/13” 46x115x33cm 18”x45”x13”

1x4 33cm/13” 46x149,5x33cm 18”x58.8”x13”

1x5 33cm/13” 46x184x33cm 18”x72.5”x13”

2x2 33cm/13” 80,5x80,5x33cm 31.7”x31.7”x13”

2x3 33cm/13” 80,5x115x33cm 31.7”x45”x13”

2x4 33cm/13” 80,5x149,5x33cm 31.7”x58.8”x13”

2x5 33cm/13” 80,5x184x33cm 31.7”x72.5”x13”

3x3 33cm/13” 115x115x33cm 45”x45”x13”

3x4 33cm/13” 115x149,5x33cm 45”x58.8”x13”

3x5 33cm/13” 115x184x33cm 45”x72.5”x13”

4x1 33cm/13” 149,5x46x33cm 58.8”x18”x13”

4x2 33cm/13” 149,5x80,5x33cm 58.8”x31.7”x13”

4x3 33cm/13” 149,5x115x33cm 58.8”x45”x13”

4x4 33cm/13” 149,5x149,5x33cm 58.8”x58.8”x13”

4x5 33cm/13” 149,5x184x33cm 58.8”x72.5”x13”

5x5 33cm/13” 184x184x33cm 72.5”x72.5”x13”



  • Hand sanded plywood - "nude" and silky smooth, you'll want to stroke your bookshelf all day!
  • Natural wax oil - we use german OSMO brand. Makes plywood water and stain proof, brings out the structure of the wood and leaves it with a warm shade
  • Clear varnish - a transparent coat to keep the plywood water and stain proof.
  • Brown stain wax oil - pigmented natural waxoil. We like it in the shade of milk/ dark chocolate. The patterns that are brought out of the plywood structures by this finish are amazing and one of a kind!

Custom colors – contact us  at [email protected], we are open to new ideas and love challenges!

Custom dimensions:

This design is available for customization: the bookshelves can be easily and quickly resized and will keep its' proportions and good looks. Feel free to reach out to us – we’ll be glad to help you find a perfect fit!


Please note that we are adding extra support backs, which help to keep shelf upright at all times. The back panels are movable and can be placed in various confirgurations - have fun and make it like you wish to!

For more information about processing time: please see FAQ.


Data sheet

15mm baltic birch plywood
Production time
3-4 weeks