How to Choose Best Monitor Stand Size? - guide

How to Choose Best Monitor Stand Size? - guide

Please note that in all our models you can get custom width, depth and height. The price depends on length of the item and finishing:

General Best Practices

Those practices are based on hundreds of our satisfied customers.


While choosing length of the monitor stand always take a full advantage of your desk length. If your desk is exactly 65 inch / 165cm than order exactly 65 inch / 165cm monitor stand. It will almost double your desk capacity and will help you with keeping the desk organized.


It is better to choose higher monitor stand the lower version. Most of the computer monitor built in legs are too short. Most ergonomic way to sit in front of the computer monitor is to have the top edge of the monitor on the same level as the top of your head.

So if you for example are buying Classic or Japanese Monitor Stand and want to fit keyboard underneath and you will be ending up with monitor Stand of total height over 8 inch / 21 cm don’t worry; you can always lower your computer monitor on built in leg.

By default, we are crafting legs that are this high:

7 inch / 18 cm

6 inch / 15 cm

But you can always order custom one. Even after you made a purchase you can always order extra pair.


Depth your skleia monitor stand should be around 30% of your desk depth.

Based on our experience we are preparing t

Classic Custom Size Monitor Stand

This is the most popular model since it is the first one that we are selling over 3 years now.

This model assemblies using no tools.

To get the clearance to know what can fit under the Monitor Stand:

1. Subtract 4inch from both sides (8inch total)

2. Subtract 1.5inch from the top to get clearance for what you can put under the Monitor Stand.

You will still be able to put underneath it for example a music keyboard but please have in mind that it will be bit taller and wider than your keyboard.

Simple Plywood Monitor Stand / Rack Monitor Stand

It is the best option if you want to take a full advantage of your total desk length and of the real estate under monitor stand. It is possible do to fact that Simple Plywood Monitor Stand has legs located at the edges of the monitor stand top and in contrast to other models have no support elements that go trough the center of the bottom of the monitor stand blocking some elements from being placed under the monitor stand. Instead this model comes with total 4 legs of which two middle legs are optional for mount but if mounted can be mounted both parallel to the long side of top shelf or perpendicular for extra stability.

If you want to place a long music keyboard under the monitor stand and have it not too tall this is the best option to go.

Japanese Style Monitor Stand

It assembles like Classic Monitor Stand using no tools. It

To get the clearance for Japanese Monitor Stand in order to know what can go under it:

1. Subtract 2⅓ inch 6cm from both sides or 4⅔ inch / 12cm total from the length of the monitor stand.

2. Subtract 4,5 cm from the top of the monitor stand to know how high items you can place under.

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