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Plywood Record Box Bookshelf - 4x4 33cm / 13” Box - 149,5x149,5x33cm / 58.8”x58.8”x13”

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Product Description

Modern, simple, great looking custom size plywood bookshelf from sturdy baltic birch plywood. Shipping worldwide. Select desired length, height, depth based on module 33cm/13” . Get perfect fit for your precious collection of vinyls, CD/DVD, books, board games, game cartridges, VHS, Montessori kid storage and more. See all sizes at

All available sizes:

Config Box Total size cm Total size inch
1x1 33cm/13” 46x46x33cm 18”x18”x13”
1x2 33cm/13” 46x80,5x33cm 18”x31.7”x13”
1x3 33cm/13” 46x115x33cm 18”x45”x13”
1x4 33cm/13” 46x149,5x33cm 18”x58.8”x13”
1x5 33cm/13” 46x184x33cm 18”x72.5”x13”
2x2 33cm/13” 80,5x80,5x33cm 31.7”x31.7”x13”
2x3 33cm/13” 80,5x115x33cm 31.7”x45”x13”
2x4 33cm/13” 80,5x149,5x33cm 31.7”x58.8”x13”
2x5 33cm/13” 80,5x184x33cm 31.7”x72.5”x13”
3x3 33cm/13” 115x115x33cm 45”x45”x13”
3x4 33cm/13” 115x149,5x33cm 45”x58.8”x13”
3x5 33cm/13” 115x184x33cm 45”x72.5”x13”
4x1 33cm/13” 149,5x46x33cm 58.8”x18”x13”
4x2 33cm/13” 149,5x80,5x33cm 58.8”x31.7”x13”
4x3 33cm/13” 149,5x115x33cm 58.8”x45”x13”
4x4 33cm/13” 149,5x149,5x33cm 58.8”x58.8”x13”
4x5 33cm/13” 149,5x184x33cm 58.8”x72.5”x13”
5x5 33cm/13” 184x184x33cm 72.5”x72.5”x13”
See other sizes:




  • Grinded plywood
  • Natural oil, varnish - contact us for pricing



  • Please note that we are adding extra support backs, which helps to keep shelf upright. This are movable and can be placed in various confirgurations - have fun and make it like you want to!
  • Each bookcase should be also attached to the wall - for each order we are adding special kit (screws, screwdriwers, L-shape plates)

Custom sizes:

Contact us! We can prepare custom project for you with customized module size, and total length, height and depth.


Honest review:


Alice on Aug 6, 2020

"The shelves are excellent - really well made and they look fantastic. Communication from Wiktor was great and he sent some really helpful videos showing me how to assemble them. Would highly recommend. Thanks Wiktor!"

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