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Japanese Style Plywood Monitor Stand, Bench, TV console for Japandi Home & Music Studio - sizes 24-59" (60-150cm)

Japanese Style Plywood Monitor Stand, Bench, TV console for Japandi Home & Music Studio - sizes 24-59" (60-150cm)

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Introducing our Japanese Style Plywood Monitor Stand 🎏

Upgrade your workspace with our handcrafted Japanese Aesthetic Stand, inspired by the traditional geta 下駄 wooden sandal and sashimono 指物, 指物, 挿物 - the japanese technique of woodcraft & joinery. Handmade from sturdy 18mm (0.7in) Baltic Birch plywood, this monitor riser showcases the wood's natural strength & beauty with its distinctive grain patterns, a signature feature of the Baltic Birch.

Embrace the essence of Japanese aesthetics as you effortlessly assemble this stand in just five easy steps. No tools or screws required! The straightforward construction needs no manual and ensures that you can enjoy your new elevated setup in no time, providing both practicality and artistry.
It's a multi-purpose object, ideal for those who appreciate the subtleties of smart Japanese design. Use it as a plant shelf, a minimalist TV stand, or an addition to your music production setup. Its versatility seamlessly blends with the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of form and function.

With a choice of finishes, including sanded plywood, OSMO-treated plywood for a warm, water and stain-proof finish, or various vibrant waxoil shades, you can select the one that resonates most with your Japanese-inspired vision.

Length given is one at the top and the height given is the total one. If you would like to check what dimensions (i.e. the tabletop and space underneath the shelf etc.) will your size have - please contact me and I will prepare a visual for you.


  • Ergonomic Bliss: Elevate your screens to eye level for studio sessions that are music to your eyes and posture.
  • Space Saver: Reclaim desk space and keep your gear within reach at any time.
  • Multi-Purpose Marvel: Beyond the studio, our stands moonlight as chic platforms for your equipment, keeping things sophisticated.
    • Use our stand as a charming plant shelf, speaker riser - a practical addition to your music production setup, or even a minimalist TV stand for a touch of sophistication.
  • Puzzle-Like Assembly: Enjoy assembling your stand – it's like playing with jigsaw. It does not require a manual!
  • Tailored Precision: Customize dimensions to fit your studio's unique groove with our parametric design approach. We are very precise, up to a millimeter.
  • Matching Finishes: We will be happy to help you match the finish with your existing wooden pieces, ensuring your studio is perfectly in tune :-) Get in touch with us!


Length given is one at the base and the height given is the total one. If you would like to check what dimensions (i.e. the tabletop and space underneath the shelf etc.) will your size have - please contact me and I will prepare a visual for you.

Sizes above the length of 140cm go with extra middle leg/ extra divider for optional support.
Cable Management Pro: Our stands feature a hole in the top panel for seamless cable management. Keep your studio clutter-free and organized.

Buying a chosen size based on length you will have your monitor size as listed below:
(LxDxH) Length x Depth x Height

24x10x6 inch / 60x25x15 cm
26x10x6 inch / 65x25x15 cm
28x10x6 inch / 70x25x15 cm
30x10x6 inch / 75x25x15 cm
31x10x6 inch / 80x25x15 cm
33x10x6 inch / 85x25x15 cm
35x10x6 inch / 90x25x15 cm
37x10x6 inch / 95x25x15 cm
39x10x6 inch / 100x25x15 cm
41x10x6 inch / 105x25x15 cm
43x10x6 inch / 110x25x15 cm
45x10x6 inch / 115x25x15 cm
47x12x7 inch / 120x30x18 cm
49x12x7 inch / 125x30x18 cm
51x12x7 inch / 130x30x18 cm
53x12x7 inch / 135x30x18 cm
55x12x7 inch / 140x30x18 cm
57x12x7 inch / 145x30x18 cm
59x12x7 inch / 150x30x18 cm


Absolutely no problem! If the requested dimensions of the stand are similar to one of the standard sizes offered - please choose the size that is closest to yours and add a note with your dimensions in the comment section when placing an order.

Please message me if you’re unsure what to do or want to ask for additional customization; I will do my best to help - I reply within a few hours max and I am at your service! :)


Crafted from robust 18mm (0.7-inch) Baltic Birch plywood, known for its exceptional durability and strength, ensuring your monitor stand is built to last through countless studio sessions.
The natural layers of Baltic Birch plywood create a unique and attractive wood grain pattern, adding character to your studio setup.


  • Sanded plywood - "nude" and silky smooth, you'll want to stroke the surface all day! Best budget option, you can finish it yourself at home if you wish or leave it raw.
  • Oiled plywood - we use the German OSMO brand which is a smart and eco combination of carnauba oil and hard wax, it is also completely safe to use. Makes plywood water and stain-proof, compliments the grain of the wood, and leaves it with a warm shade. (our recommendation!)
  • Natural Palette / Browns - as with natural waxoil, this one is tinted with brown pigment. The patterns that are brought out of the birch plywood grain by this finish option are amazing and one of a kind! Coated with extra layer of hard waxoil for super-protection.
  • Primary Colors (White wash, Yellow, Red, Blue) - extra durable color waxoils by OSMO covered with transparent hard waxoil.
  • EXTRA Colors - a selection of mixed/ handmade shades of waxoils. Vivid and playful, also coated with hard waxoil for super protection :)

Basic Finish: Fine sanding (default)

Natural Palette: Oiled plywood, Amber, Cognac, Mahogany, Oak Antique, Terra, Smoke, Black

Primary Colors: White wash, Yellow, Red, Blue

EXTRA Colors: skleia Yellow, Pumpkin, Orange, Fuchsia, Antique Pink, Baby Blue, Violet, Turquoise, Olive Green, Ink Blue, Ultra Blue, Lilac Grey
Visible Wood Grain: Each stand showcases the natural beauty of wood grain, creating an attractive and distinctive pattern that adds character to your setup.


  • Rapid Worldwide Shipping: Our commitment to quality has reached thousands of satisfied customers globally. There is no place on Earth that we couldn't reach you!

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We're all about sustainable approach – our packaging is reclaimed and re-used, so don't be scared that the package is not so beautiful.
Safety: We respect our work and your time so we do all we can to ensure safe & durable packaging that can protect the stand from it being hit and damaged during shipping.


Admiration Guaranteed: Your guests will admire the elegance and style that our stands bring to your space.
Enviable Aesthetics: Expect a tinge of envy from fellow musicians when they see your upgraded studio space.
Affordable Premium Craftsmanship: Our stands are premium, handmade objects that won't break the bank.

Need Help? Reach Out! If you need assistance, we're just a message away, with a reply within a couple of hours.
Please note that you are buying a monitor stand, not the whole desk or music gear.
Vinyl Storage Solutions: Check out our sturdy plywood bookshelves designed for vinyl storage, available in our product lineup.

For more information about processing time: please see FAQ

Please be aware that if you are buying from outside the European Union - i.e. USA, Australia, UK etc. - customs & import duty may apply that are additional to the price shown. I am not responsible for the duty charges.
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