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Music Studio Production Desk

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This is great Music Studio Production Desk made from plywood


👉 3 tops including:

  • Extendable table top for keyboards and synthesizers with 449x1790mm working area. The top surface is at a height of 621mm from the floor level. On the back of the top there is a support strip for cable management. A space for a stationary unit is integrated with the table top. The whole is run on wheels, and 4 top guides force the smooth movement.
  • The main worktop with dimensions 500x1900mm and a height of 800mm from level 0. We placed 3 covered holes for wiring in the worktop.
  • Table top for monitors and listening screens offering a working area of ​​350x1900mm and located at a height of 1000mm. On the back of the countertop, we designed 3 notches through which you can carry out all the wiring while moving the desk to the wall.


👉 Additional information:

  • In the desk you will find 3 "boxes" for mounting 4U racks. For the convenience of using "boxes" we leaned at 19st.
  • On the back of each box there are holes leading straight to the organizational strip.
  • We have placed small storage compartments for handy gadgets in the edges of the desk.
  • At the bottom of the back of the desk there is a strip stiffening the structure, on which you will place all power supplies and easily connect all equipment.
  • We joined the whole structure with elegant, black screws that highlight the beauty of the desk's structure.


📐 SIZE (maximum desk dimensions):

  • 1900mm wide
  • 920mm deep
  • 1000mm high


✔️ Materials and finish:

  • 21mm thick hardwood plywood for main structural elements and 15mm for complementary elements
  • transparent varnish

Contact me if you have any questions regarding sizes, customization or finishing.

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