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Plywood Finish Sample Wax Oil Set - choose colors and get physical set of 8 tiles before you order - sampler for furniture

Plywood Finish Sample Wax Oil Set - choose colors and get physical set of 8 tiles before you order - sampler for furniture

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Choose the perfect color and finish before ordering a stand, bookshelf, desk. Crafted with care, each sample in this set allows you to experience the richness of our hand-finished plywood with wax oil before committing to a larger piece of furniture.
Standard sample pack consists of 8 tiles of your choice. You can also order more colors, let us know! :)


Each tile measures 4x4" / 10x10cm. If you need it to be bigger, let us know.


15mm Baltic Birch Plywood + waxoil


Wax oil finish is our most beloved type of wood finish that combines the benefits of both wax and oil. It enhances the unique grain of the birch plywood and provides protection against scratches, moisture & stains.

Explore a spectrum of finishes with our carefully curated set, including Sanded plywood, Oiled plywood, Natural Palette of brown shades, Primary Colors (Blue, Red, Yellow) and EXTRA Colors with extra vibrant shades (Violet, Orange, Ultra Blue). Find the color that resonates with your vision.

  • Hand-Finished Quality: Each plywood tile is finished by hand at our studio, showcasing the craftsmanship that awaits your larger furniture pieces. 
  • Convenient Size: Sized for convenience, these sample plywood tiles are perfect for experimenting with different finishes, allowing you to visualize the final look of your project.
  • Easy Decision-Making: Take the guesswork out of choosing the right wax oil finish. Compare, contrast, and decide which color complements your style and space.

How to Use

Simply place the plywood sample in your project area to visualize how each finish complements your space.
Mix and match to create custom patterns and designs in simple & cosy japandi style.

Why Order a Sample Set

Choosing the right finish for your furniture is a personal decision. Our Plywood Wax Oil Finish Sample Set empowers you to make an informed choice, ensuring the final result aligns perfectly with your vision.

Make the decision-making process enjoyable and stress-free. Order your Plywood Wax Oil Finish Sample Set now and embark on the journey to creating a personalized and stunning plywood masterpiece!

All of the finishes are available to apply on all of our plywood furniture and decor: monitor stands, bookshelves, wall panels, desks etc.

Shipping included. The price of the plywood finish samples will be subtracted from the price of the final piece of bespoke furniture :)
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