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7x1 Modular Plywood TV Stand Sideboard Shelf Media Console Vinyl Modern Minimal Stand Japandi Home Custom Design 110.5x17x14in / 274x42x35cm

7x1 Modular Plywood TV Stand Sideboard Shelf Media Console Vinyl Modern Minimal Stand Japandi Home Custom Design 110.5x17x14in / 274x42x35cm

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7x1 Modular Plywood TV Sideboard Shelf - Customizable, Handmade, Sturdy, and Japan-inspired Design.

In an era of mass production, we make a conscious choice to embrace affordable luxury and handcrafted objects. Our small studio, located in Warsaw, Poland, is dedicated to plywood furniture.
7x1 - module 33x33x33cm - total dimensions: 274x42x35cm / 110.5x17x14in (LxHxD)
side wings: 15cm / 6in
top/base wings: 2.2cm / 0.9in

15mm / 0.6 inch certified Baltic Birch Plywood.

Remarkable Plywood:
Certified 15mm Baltic birch plywood is celebrated for its exceptional strength, enduring durability, and consistently smooth surface. Its minimal voids between layers guarantee robust stability, while its eco-friendly sourcing aligns with sustainable practices. This plywood's sleek texture and alluring grain pattern make it an excellent choice for quality furniture and woodworking projects.

Japanese Aesthetic Inspiration:
Our TV sideboard shelf takes cues from the elegant simplicity of Japanese design. It serves not only as a functional storage solution for your treasured items but also as an artful addition that brings a sense of serenity to your space.

Construction and Key Features:
Our sideboard shelves are equipped with additional support backs to ensure steadfast stability. The adaptable back panels offer various configurations to match your unique vision, with tool-free assembly for added convenience. Customizable dimensions let you tailor your sideboard to your specific needs.

Versatile Finish Options:
Hand-Sanded Plywood: Smooth as silk to the touch, providing a tactile pleasure.
Natural Oil Finish: Crafted with German OSMO brand oil for water and stain resistance, highlighting the wood's grain and warmth.
Brown Stain Wax Oil Finish: An exclusive choice that combines natural wax oil with a rich brown hue, revealing captivating plywood textures.
Custom Colors: We welcome your ideas for personalized finishes and thrive on unique design challenges.

Worldwide Shipping:
No matter your location, our sideboard shelves can be shipped worldwide. We've proudly delivered our products to customers across the globe, including destinations as far-reaching as the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Efficient Production and Sustainability:
We value your time and typically complete production within 2 to 4 weeks, ensuring you receive a high-quality, tailored product promptly. Our eco-friendly approach includes the use of reclaimed and reused packaging supplies for secure and sustainable shipping.

Versatile and Stylish:
This sideboard shelf effortlessly adapts to various spaces, from music studios and Japandi-inspired homes to living rooms, home libraries, and offices. Its harmonized proportions ensure seamless integration with any environment, whether modern, traditional, or eclectic. Beyond its elegant design, this TV sideboard is a versatile storage solution for media units, vinyl collections, CD/DVDs, books, albums, board games, game cartridges, VHS tapes, Montessori kid storage, and more. It is also compatible with Kallax accessories.

Crafted On-Demand:
We create our products on-demand, ensuring each piece is made only when there's demand, minimizing waste, and offering personalized solutions to suit your needs.

Affordable Luxury:
Our Modular Plywood TV Sideboard Shelf offers an affordable luxury, maintaining reasonable margins because we genuinely enjoy working with plywood and want to share our passion for quality craftsmanship with you.

Stay Connected:
We welcome your ideas and questions, whether they pertain to custom dimensions, unique finishes, or simple inquiries. We thrive on challenges and look forward to collaborating with you.

Customs & Import Duties:
Please be aware that if you are buying from outside the European Union - for example, the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and other non-EU countries - customs and import duties may apply that are additional to the price shown here. I am not responsible for the duty charges, as they are determined by the customs authorities in your country.
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